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Club Cru

Healthy smiles start at a young age, and as a preventative orthodontic office, we like to examine your child’s teeth by age 8. During this time of dental growth, orthodontic treatment usually isn’t needed, but early evaluation can help prevent the need for more complex treatment in the future. Kids in Club Cru get initial examinations and follow-up visits at no charge, and parents stay informed about their child’s growth and development.

De-Band days

It’s time to celebrate! On De-Band Days, we decorate the office and get a group of patients together as they say goodbye to their braces and hello to their wonderful, new smiles! After your de-banding, we’ll take your picture for our Wall of Smiles and provide you with goodies you weren’t able to enjoy during your orthodontic treatment.


Lo Elliott is proud to support many local young artists, sports enthusiasts, and students in Prince George and surrounding areas. We offer sponsorships, awards, and one of the largest academic scholarships available in School Districts 57, 54, and 91 for current and previous patients. For more information about the Lo Elliott Scholarship, talk to your student counsellor.

Token Program

How it Works..
During your appointment,your assistant will give you an earned PerfectSmile Token with your name on it. You can then deposit your token into the draw box. On the first day of every month, 3 draws will be made from our collected tokens. If you’re a winner, you get to choose one of our fabulous prizes!

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