From the desk of Susan

posted: April 29, 2020

Straightening teeth and establishing a functional occlusion is what we pride ourselves on. However, there are many more pieces to this rewarding puzzle.

We are responsible and have entitlement to defend and protect what we have. It starts with the patients and families we are honoured to have in our office.

We often refer to what we do as reading a book – each patient is a new chapter, filled with unique stories. We prioritize our patients, and with that build trust. These relationships last throughout treatment and beyond. Seeing patients in the community and listening to how their lives have evolved after their treatment is heartwarming.

During this time of isolation, I have found myself missing existing patients, future patients, and the amazing people that I am proud to work with.

Although we are unable physically to be there for our patients and community, we are working every day to ensure that we are here for them. Communicating with our patients brings comfort that life will commence, and relationships will resume.

We miss you and your smiling faces. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Susan has been a vital part of the Lo Elliott team since 1993, originally starting as a CDA and now as Treatment Coordinator. Susan is responsible for educating patients about the benefits of orthodontics, and believes that orthodontics is a lifelong investment. She enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing hobbies such as golf.

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