Keeping Our Smiles Alive and Well During Covid-19

posted: May 15, 2020

When we were required to temporarily close our office due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us felt uneasy! We were scared of what was happening and unsure of the future.

As we settled into our new home offices (mine was a comfortable seat around my kitchen island) and adjusted to our new lifestyle of isolation, it was time to figure out a way of caring for our patients. We wanted to ensure our patients were ok by reaching out and touching base with each one in a personal way. Calling, texting, emailing, and video calls became our daily routine! I was initially a little unsure of my new “job” since my normal position at Lo-Elliott as an orthodontic assistant was quite the opposite of my kitchen island position. In a few weeks, however, I settled into a perfect routine and was surprised at how much I truly enjoyed my chats with patients. I was able to relieve some who had anxiety over their orthodontic care, help others solve their orthodontic issues with the use of home tools, and generally connect with our community as we all experienced many unknowns together.

It has been heart-warming to speak with each and every one of you, whether for a concern, question, or simply some much-needed human interaction. No matter what goes down around us, our positive spirits and care for one another will always prevail.
Thank you for trusting us through this process and I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces for REAL soon!


Born and raised in Vanderhoof BC. Nicole was a previous patient of Lo Elliott Orthodontics, and joined our team as a Certified Dental Assistant in 2012. Nicole brings a positive outlook and refreshing energy to our office. When not spending time with her patients, Nicole loves to travel and spend time with her husband Kyle, and their fur babies Ali and Bruce.

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